So, you are invited to a beach party but don’t know what to wear or how to prepare. That is okay, because we got your back. In this article we will give you some ideas on how to prepare and get dressed for a beach party. If you have chosen your swimsuit, let’s take a look at our 10 tips to get ready for a beach party.

1) Wear Sunscreen!

You might think that you can effortlessly get a tan at a beach party while sipping your cocktail and spending great time with your loved ones. But that isn't usually the case… An uneven sunburn seems more likely to happen in this case, because you'll be dressed for most of the time. On top of that, if you have sensitive skin, we can't stress enough about the importance of wearing a sunscreen. Therefore, as you get ready for a beach party, make sure that you have applied sunscreen of at least 15spf . And don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours during the party.

2) Choosing The Right Fabric Is Essential

Choosing the right fabric for summer is the best thing you can do for yourself and your skin. Among the fabrics that should not be worn in summer are nylon, acryclic, polyester and vinyl. Whereas, cotton, linen, chambray and seersucker are among the best fabrics to wear in the summer.

The main reason for why these fabrics are the best choice for summer is that they have a breathable structure. Cotton for example is one of the most popular natural fabrics that is breathable due to its tiny hollow gaps. It allows the air to flow through the fibres and keep the body cool. Aside from that, it is one of the most durable fabrics.

At the Handloom, each garment is hand-loomed with traditional craftsmanship. All of our products are 100% cotton and chosen with care. As the Handloom, we love our planet and we believe that we can create a positive change towards a more sustainable future by taking a step forward to protect our environment and upholding ethical processes. Add 100% cotton clothes to your get ready for a beach party list to protect the nature!

10 Tips to Get Ready for a Beach Party

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3) Bring Your Towel With You

While you may be undecided about whether you are going to swim or not, you can never know where the party will take you. So even if you're going to just sunbathe at the party, it might be a smart choice to bring your own personal towel to protect your skin. Plus, taking a towel that is suitable with your look of that day will also going to give you the chance of taking your look to the next level.

Again, we can't stress enough how the fabric choices are important in towels too. Handloom's 100% Turkish cotton towels stand out with their lightness and their ultra-absorbent and quick drying features. This means that you won't lose any time drying after getting out of the sea in a party setting and will always look put-together with our elegant designs.

4) Kimono/Kaftans For After Swim:

Kimono and kaftans are essential items for a beach party. If you don't immediately want to wear your clothes after stepping out of the sea, but also don't want to compromise your stylish look, don't forget that you can wear a kimono as you get ready for a beach party. You can combine it with a straw hat, sandals and accessories. In this way, while catching a stylish and elegant look, you can also spend a comfortable and enjoyable time at your party. 

5) The Unbearable Lightness Of Dresses

If you are looking for a comfortable but still stylish look, add cotton dresses to your “get ready for a beach party” list! Especially maxi dresses are a perfect choice for the ones who are looking for a flowy look.

Plus, if you have sensitive skin, breathable maxi dresses can be your savior. Another advantage is, they can be easily put on and taken off! If you are sure that you want to wear a dress but want a edgy or more put-together look, Handloom’s Moon Drawstring Dress might be the perfect choice for you which  can be both both worn as a short dress with slits and as a long flowy dress.

Cotton dresses look amazing when combined with some cute sandals, a straw hat, and a straw bag. With small additions of the accessory of your choice, this fit can be your favorite go-to look for beach parties.

6) Sporty/Chic Look With 2 Pieces:

To look casual and stylish at a beach party, you can combine your cotton pants, shorts and skirts with a cotton top and call it a day. You can choose the same colors for an elegant monochrome look or you can create a more edgy look by using different colors in your outfit.

For example flowy wide-leg cotton pants when combined with a flowy cotton shirt, can create an instant sophisticated look. If you want to create a 2-piece look but don't want to complicate your swimming process with pants, skirts can also be an excellent choice. Especially, wrap skirts like Handloom's Tunca Skirt with its versatile use and delicate design is a great choice. Because wrap skirts with their tie and versatility gives you the chance to transform your skirt to a pareo, or an effortless dress.

Regardless of your preference, you can be sure that you can achieve an elegant, stylish and luxurious look with Handloom's 100% cotton products, which are finely produced with the highest quality materials.

10 Tips to Get Ready for a Beach Party

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7) Accessorize Your Look!

You may feel like something is missing in your appearance because you prefer simpler, comfortable and light-colored clothes for your beach party. But you don't have to worry because the right accessories will solve your problem. That's why accessories take the 7th place on our "get ready for a beach party" list. Straw hats and sunglasses will not only take your outfit to the next level, but also protect you from the scorching sun. In addition, you can be sure that you can color your look with anklets, rope bracelets, earrings and necklaces. As we have mentioned above, our advice is to stay away from very tight and heavy jewelry, as it is likely to make you feel uncomfortable.

8) Choosing The Right Foot-Wear

When it comes to footwear choice for beach parties, the unwritten rule is to avoid heels and sneakers even if they are matching with your outfit. Because it is likely that you are going to swim and hang out on the beach, choosing an easy to manage and comfortable shoes like sandals or flip-flops is essential. If your sandals are too fancy to get wet, you can add a flip-flop to wear after a swim.

9) Go For A Light Make-Up

If the words make-up and summer doesn’t match in your head or you don’t know what is the best option for a beach party in terms of make-up, you have a point. Make-up tends to spoil under the summer heat. That's why we recommend that you bring a neutral lip and cheek balm along with your sunscreen when going to a beach party. But, if you are one of those people who cannot live without make-up, you might want to add a make-up bag to your get ready for a beach party list. Bring your water-proof base foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm with you. The weather will be cooler when the party moves into the evening hours, so you can create a quick no make up make up look and enjoy your evening!

10) Hair: Let It Flow

Another reason why we love summer and especially beach parties is that we don't have to put a lot of effort into our hair. So, just let your hair flow or make a messy bun or a ponytail as you get ready for a beach party. Do not overthink it  as it is likely that your hair is going to get wet anyway once you step into the ocean. Lastly, do not forget to apply a mask to your hair after shower to recover your hair from the damage caused by the salty water of the sea and the sun.

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April 19, 2022