Looking casual and stylish is not easy to do for everyday occasions and looking casual and stylish on the beach can be as challenging. You should find the clothing that looks appealing to you and fits the season.

It is already challenging even when it is not summer but summertime has more difficulty in the sense of finding your ideal look and not being a sweaty mess. 

The summer season is one of the most loved seasons for its warmth and the looks you can have. Many women love wearing flowy, cotton pants, cotton shorts, cotton dresses, kaftans and combine them with sandals, a nice hat, and their beach bag with their favorite cotton Turkish towels with them.

These clothes can be worn both in an everyday setting like while going to a café with your friends and at the beach to take a dip. Using these clothes and combining them with nice additions, you can look casual and stylish on the beach.

1. Flowy Cotton Pants

Flowy and soft cotton pants are must-haves for summertime, especially for stylish women. The Handloom’s cotton pants are breathable, comfortable, and allow you to look casual and stylish on the beach when you combine them with a top, a nice high-quality beach bag with your favorite cotton Turkish towels in it, and sandals.

One of the best aspects of having flowy cotton pants is that you can wear them everywhere. You can create many looks from a business-ready look to on the way of sunbathing at the beach look. If you want to look casual and stylish on the beach, then don’t waste time and buy one of the flowy cotton pants. 

2. Cotton Dresses

Cotton dresses are must-haves for every woman, especially in the summer. The Handloom's high-quality cotton dresses can be preferred by many due to their breathable, soft, and delicate material.

6 Ways to Look Casual and Stylish on the Beaches
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Cotton is the perfect material to have on you, especially around summer time. They are not only breathable in the heat of summer, but also they are one easy way to look casual and stylish on the beach.

Cotton dresses look amazing when combined with some cute sandals, a straw hat, and a straw bag. With small additions of the accessory of your choice, this fit will be your go-to for summer and it will make you look casual and stylish on the beach.

3. Flowy Cotton Shorts

Cotton shorts are perfect for people who prefer to get a little tan when they are even out for a walk. They are not only breathable and comfortable but also stylish and keep you cool. The Handloom’s cotton shorts are not only soft and comfortable but also are perfect as a staple piece and as a piece to add to your summer looks, combined with the top of your choice, comfortable sandals and a beach bag make you look casual and stylish on the beach.

4. Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are perfect to wear on top of your swimsuit or bikini depending on your choice of garment. You can wrap them around your waist, tie them from one side to another and you will have your wrap skirt. Wrap skirts can create the perfect look especially if you want to look casual and stylish on the beach because it is super easy to make anything a wrap skirt but also it is pretty stylish and looks good on everyone. 

Wrap skirts can also be worn on almost every casual occasion from going to a café to having brunch with the girls. They are especially useful at the beaches though. If you want to take whatever you have on and take a dip quick, then wrap skirts and dresses, if you prefer to be covered on top other than your swimsuit or bikini are perfect for you. They have whatever it takes to make you look casual and stylish on the beach.

5. Kaftans 

Kaftans can make the perfect pieces of clothing to look casual and stylish on the beach. The Handloom’s kaftans are soft, breathable, and straight-cut, elongating the person wearing them. Kaftans make the perfect one-piece look that looks both casual and stylish like you only put it on and left the house while looking stylish at the same time. You will be ready to hit the beach by combining the kaftan with nice shoes, a straw bag, and a hat. 

6. Cotton Shirts

Cotton shirts are one of the most perfect pieces of clothing which can look both casual and stylish regardless if you are on the streets or on beaches. Cotton shirts are breathable, soft, flowy, and perfect for almost every everyday occasion. Whether that occasion is a brunch or dinner with your friends or significant other, a beach date with your significant other, or a beach get-together with friends. Either way, having a cotton shirt will make you feel not overdressed and still be stylish.

6 Ways to Look Casual and Stylish on the Beaches
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To look casual and stylish on the beach, you can combine your cotton shirt with cotton shorts or pants, depending on your taste, a nice beach bag with your cotton Turkish towel, a pair of comfortable sandals, and a nice hat to protect you from the sun. Regardless of how you prefer to combine it, you will guarantee to look casual and stylish on almost every occasion.


Looking casual and stylish is a difficult thing to do. For summertime, having pieces of clothing made of cotton is not only perfect for the humid and hot weather but also to look casual and stylish on the beach.

The Handloom's cotton pants, shorts, dresses, and kimonos, kaftans are soft, comfortable, breathable, and overall perfect as summer clothing. By choosing clothes made of cotton, you can guarantee to look casual and stylish every day of summer.

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March 28, 2022