Summer means many different things for people. When someone thinks of summer, they might think of the warm weather, or the period where they can relax and get away from the burdens of school or work, or they may even think summertime is the perfect opportunity to have a beach vacation they always wished for. Regardless of what people associate summer with, it is one of the most loved seasons in the world.

Due to the humid and hot weather of summer, the suitable clothing for summer and the beach change accordingly. Many people prefer clothing made with flowy, soft, and breathable fabrics for their summer outfits. As for the beach outfits, they have to be as comfortable and breathable as everyday outfits for summer. There are many comfortable beach outfits ideas from cotton dresses to cotton pants and shorts, you can choose any of them to wear on your next beach vacation.


Kaftans, if thought traditional attire, are not compelling as one of comfortable beach outfits ideas. Yet, there are kaftans that are perfect for wearing on the beach and they are produced by fabrics made of cotton as this allows the fabric to be breathable, soft, comfortable, and flowy. Kaftans in that sense are made of thin material and they can be put on in the same fashion as a traditional kaftan. 

Comfortable Beach Outfits Ideas

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You can consider The Handloom’s luxurious kaftans as one of the best summer clothing pieces they are very refreshing and simple yet chick. Pairing these kaftans with comfortable sandals a straw hat, and a beach bag with your Turkish beach towels in it can be the perfect outfit, especially for a trip to the beach. Due to their variable use and the comfort they give, kaftans can be seen as part of your comfortable beach outfits ideas for your next summer.

Cotton Dresses

Dresses are one of the best options to add to your comfortable beach outfits ideas. They are especially useful when you are at the beach and wore your dress on top of your swimsuit or bikini, you can just take your dress off and take a dip in seconds. Dresses for summer can come in different lengths and make with different materials and cotton dresses are the perfect option to be wearing on the beach since cotton is one of the most breathable, soft, and comfortable materials a fabric could be made of.

Dresses are not only for the beach but for every occasion. They will surely make a perfect piece of clothing that is easy to manage. You can just put on a dress, pair it with some cute heeled sandals and a bag of your choice and you are ready to go to a bar for having drinks with your friends or significant other. For the beach, the most comfortable way to dress up is to ditch the heels for sandals, get a beach bag and wear a nice, wide straw hat to protect you from the sun.

Flowy Wide Leg Pants and Shirts

The combination of well-fitting flowy wide-leg cotton pants with also flowy cotton shirt is one of the types of comfortable beach outfits ideas that can be called match-made heaven. This combination, especially when carried with confidence and grace, is the perfect look for the summer as it is pretty simple yet as luxurious. If both pieces are matching in print or color and made of cotton, then it escalates to be the perfect look for the not only beach but every day and even smart-casual looks. Combining cotton pants with shirts made of similar fabric and a nice bag and shoes, the combination will look neat and sophisticated.

This combination can be one of the most sophisticated looks to wear at the beach. The pants may seem like an obstacle to anyone who does not want to deal with taking at least to pieces of yet don’t get discouraged. The Handloom's beach pants are soft, breathy, and flowy and they can be put on and put off as quickly as a dress can. This combination can be seen as a perfect option for comfortable beach outfits ideas for people who are not a fan of skirts or dresses yet still want to look chick.


Comfortable Beach Outfits Ideas

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Cotton Shorts

Cotton shorts can be one of the perfect comfortable beach outfits ideas if you don’t like the idea of wearing pants or dresses for the beach. Shorts are especially useful for anyone who wants to get a tan while not lying under the sun for hours or getting a fake tan. You can just walk around with your shorts and top of your choice and after some time, you will get tan without burning.

For wearing shorts on the beach, it can be seen the same as pants as taking them off is different from skirts or dresses. However, just like cotton beach pants, cotton shorts are soft, breathy, and comfortable, which means that they are easy to wear and take off. You can consider combining The Handloom’s soft, breathy and comfortable cotton shorts with flowy tops and cute sandals to create the cutest and freshest look for going to the beach. Cotton shorts are perfect options as a part of your comfortable beach outfits ideas as they are both super comfortable and chick.

Summer is one of the most loved seasons for many reasons and people look forward to it especially to be able to wear flowy, breathy, and elegant outfits. It is important to have clothing that is breathy, soft, and flowy for summer and these pieces of clothing can be parts of the most comfortable beach outfits ideas that you can dream of. Brands like The Handloom aims to provide the breathiest and softest clothing to you that are made of sustainable handloom fabrics. The Handloom's Turkish towels and clothing, from cotton pants to cotton shorts, and cotton dresses to kaftans, have the potential of being important pieces of the most comfortable beach outfits.

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March 14, 2022