Taking care of a thing whether it is a piece of clothing, towel or a book is a difficult thing to do. Especially if that possession is something you have wanted for some time is a delicate cotton Turkish towel, there are lots of points to pay attention to and mistakes to avoid.

Making your cotton towels last long and taking the best care for your cotton Turkish towels requires time and attention to detail. By paying attention to small details and making good research, you can take the best care for your cotton Turkish towels and make them last longer and look like you bought them yesterday even years later.

How to Care for your Turkish Towel?

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1. Washing 

One of the first things to keep in mind is that it is a must to wash the cotton Turkish towel right after you bought it and right before you are going to use it. By washing the towel, you get rid of the dirt that has been caused by other people touching it and get your new towel squeaky clean. However, washing the towels is one of the most important steps in taking care of your cotton Turkish towels from the wash type to the products and the temperature of the water you use to wash.

The very first thing you have to consider before washing your cotton Turkish towels is to make sure you pick the right washing type. Cotton fabrics are delicate and should not be washed in harsh settings. Many washing machines have wash types that are specified to wash pieces of clothing made of delicate fabrics. Find the right wash type that your washing machine provides and use it to wash your cotton Turkish towels.

The second aspect of taking care for your cotton Turkish towels is to choose which type of laundry detergent and water temperature is suitable for washing them. Laundry detergents that do not include harsh chemicals tend to suit for cleaning cotton fabrics without ruining them.

All you have to do is to do some research on which laundry detergent you should get and choose it wisely. Keep in mind to use half of the recommended amount to prevent any residue from being left on your cotton towel. The water temperature is also important and it should not be too hot.

The water should be on the colder side to not ruin the cotton towel. Make sure to pay attention to details if you want to take better care for your cotton Turkish towels and make them last longer.

2. Drying 

Another important detail of taking care for your cotton Turkish towels is to make sure you dry them right. Drying your cotton towels hanging is the best way to keep them in a good state. You can put other towels which are made of more durable materials, unlike the delicate towel made of cotton, on a dryer and dry them in a short time.

However, to dry cotton towels, the method of hang drying is recommended rather than using a dryer is because the heat of the dryer makes the cotton less durable, which means it can make the cotton towel more prone to tears, causing it to lose its shape and softness. 

3. Ironing or Not Ironing?

Some people may prefer to not iron their towels as they think that it is going to get wet and wrinkly anyway, or some just hate ironing and can’t be bothered. If you have no interest in ironing your cotton Turkish towels, that might not cause an issue.

However, if you love to well-put-together look even when it comes to your cotton Turkish towels, then you might want to consider ironing your towels. There are certain requirements and things you have to pay attention to before starting to iron your cotton Turkish towels.

How to Care For Your Turkish Towels?

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Ironing your towel is not a must but if you want to iron it, you have to do a cool press. Keep the hot ıron away from the cotton Turkish towel if you do not want to ruin it instantly.

The reason why hot ironing does not work on cotton Turkish towels is that it can turn your soft cotton Turkish towel into a rough mess. Cotton fabrics are delicate and should be taken care of accordingly and putting excessive heat on them is not something that should be done. 

4. Use with Care 

Regardless of all these ways of taking care for your cotton Turkish towels, to make your towel last long, it is mandatory to use it with care and consideration. Like washing, drying, and ironing, using the cotton towels with care and caution is another key point of taking care for your cotton Turkish towels.

Make sure to keep your cotton towel in a good cabinet and not wash it too many times. Using anything you own with care and making sure that it is in good condition is a must to make that possession more durable and last long.


Taking good care for your cotton Turkish towels is not an easy thing to do. Paying attention to details of what should and shouldn't be done is necessary and there are mistakes to be avoided. By doing mistakes, you can ruin an already durable and high-quality cotton towel.

The Handloom provides high-quality and durable cotton Turkish towels for your use and as they are durable, soft, high-quality, and highly absorbent, they require care with delicacy, care, and caution. Make sure to take good care for your cotton Turkish towels and you will guarantee using them for years on end. 

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March 21, 2022