What Is a Kimono?

The kimono is the traditional and national dress of Japan. This Japanese-specific outfit has to be worn according to certain rules in the original. But today, many versions of this dress have emerged and are widely used in many countries. Everyone can match the kimono with their clothes according to their style.

In addition, the kimono is one of the clothes that shape fashion from time to time. As the summer season approaches, the theme of many people is "outfits you can make with kimono". In this article, we wanted to tell you what a kimono is and what outfits you can make with kimono.

Today, the kimono is not worn as a daily dress in Japan. We cannot say that it is the most common garment owned and worn by the Japanese people. Kimonos are mostly preferred in summer festivals in Japan. You can get inspiration for outfits you can make with kimono by researching these festivities.

Which Season is Better For Wearing Kimono?

Although the answer to this question is entirely up to you, our recommendation is the Spring and Summer seasons. Because in these seasons, you can find more options for outfits you can make with kimono. The construction of kimonos is usually thin.

You can use it as a jacket in the spring, or you can choose the knit kimono models for a stylish look at the beach. It does not have the purpose of keeping warm, so do not think of outfits you can make with kimono for warming up. However, if you live in a country with a warm climate, you can choose this clothing even in winter.

Outfits You Can Make With Kimono

Kimono with Jeans

Especially when the spring months come, no one wants to carry a coat with them anymore. With a kimono, you will not be cold or sweaty. It is functional in this respect.

Outfits You Can Make With Kimono
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As an idea for outfits you can make with kimono, you can get an elegant look with a crop top that you wear over jeans and your kimono that you use as a jacket. You can also use this combination while going to work or at a special meeting.

Kimono with Dresses

One of the recommendations we will give you for outfits you can make with kimono is kimonos that you can choose over your dresses. We can guarantee that it will look very stylish with your short dresses and long dresses.

In addition, very elegant dresses can be created from long kimonos, especially depending on the type. You can also use your kimono as a dress. You can be the most stylish person in the environment with your kimono accompanying your high-heeled shoes.

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Kimono with Pants

You can get a bohemian and stylish look with kimonos you prefer over cotton pants or cotton shorts. At the same time, since these clothes are very comfortable, you will not leave your comfort zone all day long.

You can use this combination on the beach or in daily life. A strappy sandal under the pants will be very harmonious. One of our suggestions for outfits you make with kimono is a combination of sandals, kimono, and cotton pants.

Kimono with Shorts

All year we work hard for the summer to come. And we want to look comfortable and stylish on that holiday we dream of, even for a short time. For this reason, we have prepared the outfits you can make with kimono suggestions in this article because we want to make you look great on the beach as well.

Also, Kimonos are a super idea for the beaches. You can wear them over a crop top and shorts, and add some accessories to reach a beachy look.

During this period, we may have difficulties in keeping our form, and we may not be able to wear the clothes we always wear comfortably. Fortunately, for the summer season of 2022, our kimonos that can fit every body shape are running to help! Our kimonos worn over a bikini can also be our star piece when taking photos.

Outfits You Can Make With Kimono
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Again, as we mentioned above, it is possible to combine your preferred sandals with cotton shorts under cotton pants.

Another suggestion for the beach would be The Handloom Turkish beach towels. This product is 100% cotton and all products are handmade. And with the combination we recommend, it will look very stylish for you. The reason why it is different from a usual towel is that it is both cotton and thin.

In addition, you can use Turkish towels on the beach as a skirt or a dress. Since it dries very quickly, it will also help you protect your health.

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April 07, 2022