Timeless Collection

We have some parts that we constantly go into production. This is because they are best-sellers every year and we always get the same good feedback from you.
So what is this Timeless Collection?
Timeless Collection was formed by the combination of our products that have been going on for years. You may see the same models, the same fabrics and sometimes with different colors.
These models are sustainable and simply combinable pieces away from the concept of "fast-fashion".
In our growing and accelerating world, it is difficult to comply with the concept of "slow-fashion". Fashion is constantly changing, new models, new fabrics, new colors appear. At the end of the day, we want to create pieces that we put our hands on and feel like ourselves in, and make you feel like you.

So, what are the topics that we actively deal with?

• Ethical fashion 

• Eco-fashion/ Eco friendly 

• Sustainable 

Ethical Fashion

Being ethically done means a strong focus on improving the social aspects of production, such as how factories operate, how employees are treated and remunerated. Ethically made also means fairly produced, fair trade and socially responsible. 


Being eco-friendly means 'designed to cause little or no harm to the environment'. Basically, it's all about doing no harm. Eco-friendly products, events and services don't cost the Earth 


Sustainability consists of meeting the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the needs of future generations while maintaining a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being. 

These are the titles that we value and own as a brand. We aim to fulfill all our responsibilities and do the best we can for our world. 

What is the importance of Timeless Collection products for us? 

This collection is not a finished collection yet, it will grow as the years pass, timeless pieces will be added and it will turn into a collection that can fully reflect The Handloom. The importance for us is that it reflects our brand and has all the features we want, and that your favorite pieces are together. 

We wanted to introduce our collection and go over a few topics that caught our interest. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram for our blogs that we examine and comment on in more detail.