Cansu is a self-taught designer who previously worked in the arts & creative spheres in Los Angeles, California.


Her International Cultural background brought her attention to create cultural bridge between the ancient ways of Turkey and free-spirited individuals in the U.S. She targeted to embody of creative lifestyles coming together through fashion, design, nature and the outdoors.

Cansu believes we can create a positive change towards a more sustainable future, by taking steps to protect our environment and upholding ethical processes. To nurture the idea, she went through a process of hand-looming with traditional craftsmanship, empowering local artisans in the remote villages of Turkey.


A dreamer, a time traveler and collector of unique textile of her eclectic family history, her passion for travel, arts & sports treasures are expressed in her creations – using fashion as a form of art to preserve true elevated and effortless elegance.