About Us

Each garment is hand-loomed with traditional craftsmanship, empowering local artisans in the remote villages of Turkey.


Our Manifesto

We love our planet. We believe we can create a positive change towards a more sustainable future, by taking steps to protect our environment and upholding ethical processes.

The production is a versatile and comprehensive process. To get to know us better, we would like to tell you how we managed the whole process in a sustainable and slow way!

1. Production: 

Do you know that each piece you purchase is top-notch quality and has been sustainably made? 

The Handloom takes a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is needed. Our collection is not designed to be consumed at the same rate as fast fashion. 

We support slow & timeless fashion. We prioritise eco-friendly practices, ethical production standards, timeless designs, and high-quality essentials that never go out of style.

We are concerned with our social impact and the ethics behind The Handloom’s label. It is so valuable for us to give a transparent answer to the question "Who made my clothes?”. In addition, we prioritise working in safe and clean conditions with the team we work with, and manage our business with a focus on fair trade.

Slow fashion encompasses an awareness and approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources required to make clothing. So, we advocate for buying better-quality garments that will last longer, and value fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet along the way.

Also, The Handloom produces in small batches with ethical facilities, deadstock excess fabrics to produce less waste. We incorporate sustainable practices into everything it does from upcycling leftover fabric to using recyclable packaging. Know that the new future is ‘’upcycling’’ and work hard to improve our process. 

Summary of The Handloom’s production process:

-Made from high quality sustainable materials. 

-Garments are more timeless than trendy.

-Locally sourced and produced.

-Few, specific styles per collection.

2. Hand-Loomed 

Each garment is hand-loomed with traditional craftsmanship, empowering local artisans in the remote villages of Turkey. Hand-loomed production is our most important value. We support our production team, who are with us on this path, by adhering to the principles of fair trade. All timeless and high quality The Handloom pieces are produced slowly and carefully. 

3. Fabrics 

We love to make the world a better place and we are obsessed with making super soft sustainable clothes and this is possible with high quality and durable fabrics. Our fabrics are created exclusively for The Handloom and brought to life by skilled artisan partners in Turkey. While creating The Handloom pieces, we carefully select and use fabrics that are breathable, comfortable, soft, do not harm the skin and come from nature. Thanks to the high quality of the fabrics, you can use each piece for years. Timeless and from nature.

4. Design 

The Handloom is an essential brand for the modern woman seeking to build her wardrobe on the “fewer, better” principle and our collection is a more thoughtful wardrobe. Based on this goal, we create comfortable and simple designs that are timeless, versatile, wearable for years and never go out of style. Our collection is a more thoughtful wardrobe. While choosing our colours, we take inspiration from nature and create designs that are suitable for every body and that will wrap the skin like cotton.

5. Essentials

We carefully select every piece we use in our production process and equip our environment with things that will inspire us. Since we believe that the small parts will reflect the whole of The Handloom, we care that every detail reflects us. We think of everything from sewing machines to used scissors, from brand labels to shipping packages.